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We have expanded to Asia – Seditio Asia

Seditio Asia

Three years ago, when I decided to make a leap into entrepreneurship, I set myself two very specific goals to measure its success.

Goal one was to create a digital agency that is transparent, client-centric, innovative and honest. We managed to do this very successfully and achieved strong client growth for each year running without losing a single client. (The client churn in most agencies dreadful!).

Goal two was to make Seditio an international company, which after 3 years of founding the company we managed to do by opening our first branch office in Cebu, Philippines. Our Seditio Asia office has been opened to help support our growing Asian customer base and provide a gateway to our Irish customers into the Asian markets.

Our Seditio Asia office will officially open on the 1st of July 2017 and will help transform Asian businesses to reach an international search audience, increase their digital conversion rates and increase the return on investment while supporting our Irish clients with dedicated account managers and setting up outsourcing solutions to reduce costs.

We also added in more development capabilities to our team to speed up our internal development projects such as our Analytics-AI service.

With our vast experience in the Aviation, Hotel and Tourism industries, we can make an enormous difference in our clients’ digital strategy. We have also expanded our Seditio Asia team to 6 full-time staff on top of our existing roles in Ireland.

In the coming weeks, we will also be announcing a free invitation-only event for the above-mentioned sectors where we will give a free full day workshop in Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Optimisation in Cebu City.

More follow-up events will be scheduled for Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Tokyo in the coming year.

If you are interested in attending any of the events, you can reach out to angela@seditio.ie for an invitation. (Do mention this article as spaces are limited)

For now, this is just a short update but expect some more announcements in the near future!