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Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can be great platforms for attracting a new user base. The common problem when doing a social media campaign, however, is the lack of structure and the inability to accurately measure the impact of Social Media on your business.

Questions like “Which tweets are providing us leads for our business?” and “How did our Facebook Give-Away raise our profile?” often remain unanswered. Some businesses decide to hire a digital or advertising agency to develop a social media campaign but the common approach used by these agencies is using social media as a branding exercise with the number of Retweets or Likes as the bar to measure success.

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This is not only a useless approach, it is often a very costly one. You might end up spending thousands of Euros without any significant or concrete result for your business in terms of conversions, leads and even branding.  With our Social Media service we can get you tangible results through:

  • Competitor analyses on Social Media – Finding out how your competitors are doing, what is working for them and what is isn’t.
  • Social Media Planning – We analyse your brand or service and develop a social media schedule which focusses on engagement levels and measurable value to your business.
  • Social Media Management – Managing your social media channels & campaigns while providing you with weekly or monthly reports on relevant activities and trends.
  • Training – We can teach you or your team the skillsets to effectively manage your social media activities. Course topics like how to do competitor analyses, how to create a social media plan and how to manage and measure social media effectively will all be covered.

Let’s do social media marketing the right way. We can provide consultancy in Social Media management and explain the process of how to engage on social media channels through a measurable approach that doesn’t cost tens of thousands of Euros. We also deliver social media master classes which are done through our training partners or onsite at your place of business.

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