Performance Audits

The majority of Irish businesses don’t look at their website data often enough. Under-performing websites are tossed aside and discounted, but more often than not, the reasons behind a bad performing website can be retrieved by analyzing the data through a website audit. The audits will provide key insights backed by real data and not personal opinions and are often used as the key decision-making tools to allow for website redevelopment or strategic changes.

Our audits provide insights you might never have thought of. You can answer questions like:

  • How is my marketing spend directly impacting my sales?
  • What % of users drop off when buying our product or service?
  • Is our site optimised for Search or Mobile?

any many more will be answered through our extensive performance audits and provide true value to our customers.

Case Studies

Google Analytics Ireland Company

Performance Audits

Our website performance audits have proven to be extremely beneficial to our clients. Our audit process looks at all areas that feed in to your website like Online Advertising, Social Media , Search a

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