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Seditio provides a range of Digital Marketing courses for businesses. Our courses are always based on real case study examples and actionable items as we strongly believe that practical digital marketing has more benefits that only theoretical driven courses.


We also have our own hands-on digital marketing training platform were our students really get to learn Digital Marketing inside and out.


The courses we have provide are done through a number of training partners and organizations in Ireland. We also have bespoke courses for organisasation that are designed around the company’s requirements and desired insights.


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Google Tag Manager Training Course

Learning to Implement and use Google Tag Manager is a must for detailed reporting on Digital Marketing performance. Our Google Tag Manager courses are created based on the years of experience with Google Tag Manager implementation and Training. This course will teach you the fundamentals of Google Tag Manager using a practical and hands-on approach. […]

Hands on Digital Marketing

Our mantra when it comes to digital marketing training is “no secrets”, as only through openness and sharing of ideas can you generate innovation. The digital marketing training courses we provide are aimed at empowering businesses through the acquisition of the relevant knowledge and right skills in Digital Marketing. This learning can then be used […]

Search Engine Optimisation

When it comes to black magic in digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation is often placed number 1. This is completely unnecessary as the essentials of good SEO can be thought and applied on for any business. Search Engine Optimisation Training Course Each year Seditio delivers a range of SEO related courses, from on-site optimisation to […]

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools in your digital marketing arsenal. This course will teach you the fundementals of Google Analytics and how your business can increase sales and conversions while lowering spend on Digital Marketing


With this course you will learn the right way of doing online advertising. From setting up your first campaign to advanced advertising techniques like Remarketing and Gmail ads everything will be covered in this very hands on Google AdWords training.

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