How your data will increase your sales.

Google Analytics data can be a very valuable resource. We know how to extract the most important insights from this data and give it to you in an easily understandable way, with as little jargon as possible.

In recent years, many businesses have decided to educate themselves in the use of Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics. Here is why – Web Analytics tools provide a detailed insight into how your website is being used. They help you to:

  • find out how visitors are engaging with your brand or business
  • know which pages attract most conversions
  • find out through what channels your website is found
  • identify the areas of your website that need improvement

This information has proven invaluable for Irish businesses. Analytics is often used as part of a conversion strategy or as part of a full redevelopment of a website because of the many insights it has to offer.

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Some of the questions that Web Analytics can answer:
  • Profile your visitors – Where are they from? What is their age? What do they like? Where do they go?
  • Understand your content – What pages attract most sales? Which pages are not working? Why are visitors leaving? What page are they leaving from?
  • Measure your campaigns – What tweets are driving traffic? What ads are getting conversions? How well is your newsletter performing? How much profit was made through this Facebook campaign?
  • Optimise your presence – Are search engines providing value to my campaign? What keywords are my audience finding most attractive? Should I optimise for Mobile devices?

Tools like Google Analytics will visualize many data points about your website and its engagement with the user. We can help you interpret and understand this information by providing not only top class Web Analytics training but also through our Analytics audit services. An Analytics audit allows us to convert the wealth of information Analytics has to offer about your website into an understandable and actionable format for your business.

Analytics allows you to tie together all your different digital activities from Social Media Analytics to understanding the conversion paths that your visitors take from initially landing on a page of your website to finalizing a conversion and purchasing a product or contacting your office.

Find out how we can help you with Web Analytics by contacting us! We provide consulting services in Web Analytics as well as tailored on-site hands-on training for your team.

Case Studies

Department of Communications

Seditio has assisted the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources with the launch of their new website. We have assisted in the necessary steps around Search Engine Optimisation and

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