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Hotel Online Marketing – Why most booking providers fail at it

When it comes to online Marketing, especially Hotel Online Marketing you will notice a large number of so called “Solutions”. These providers are using Hotel Marketing and Digital Marketing for Hotels as an up-sell to their booking engines. Now as a Digital Consultancy a large number of our clients are hotels who sadly enough ended […]


Automating and Scheduling with Hootsuite

The blog was first posted on AIB Business blog – Visit it here   Social Media – you either hate it or you love it, and both feelings are completely understandable, especially when it comes to businesses. For one thing, social media can take up a lot of time, and it is also one component […]


Introducing Remarketing

The blog was first posted on AIB Business blog – Visit it here   We are getting closer to the summer holidays and you might have already spent a couple of hours surfing the web for that perfect holiday destination. If so, you may also have noticed that many of the online adverts you see […]

5 Fundamental SEO Tips

The blog was first posted on AIB Business blog – Visit it here   When looking to get your car repaired or find a reliable laundry service in your area, you are likely to use the internet to find the services you need. Most of us will use Google, as it’s the number one search […]

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Measuring Digital Marketing

The blog was first posted on AIB Business blog – Visit it here   The one thing that proves very difficult for businesses doing digital marketing is correlating activity with direct conversions. Questions like “We spent 5,000 euro on Facebook, how many conversions did we get out of this spend?” often remain unanswered or vague. […]

6 Things you shouldn’t do in digital marketing

I wanted to share with you a list of things that you shouldn’t do in digital marketing, even though some of the items listed below might be recommended by other “experts”. These insights are based on many digital marketing reviews and strategies I had the pleasure of analyzing throughout the years. I am aware that, […]

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