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The obvious difference between a brick and mortar business and your digital shop is the lack of face-to-face or direct interaction with the customers in the latter. You will often only see the sales figures and the visitor numbers to your website but do not have the opportunity to see your customers walk in to your place of business when signing up to your service or buying your product right there and then.

This is why knowing your figures and analysing how your online business is doing is extremely important in the success of an online-based business. Our experience in Conversion Optimisation has helped many Irish and International businesses increase their online conversions dramatically and often enough with only very little changes made to their existing website. When talking about Conversion Optimisation elements, some of the areas we would look at are:

  • Conversion Funnels – How do your customers engage with the website to end up buying a product?
  • Goal Abandon Rate analyses – Where in the sales process does the user stop without completing the conversion?
  • Click Analyses – How easy is it to get from A to B and are there ways this process can be improved?
  • A/B Testing – Trying out different versions of landing pages or check-out steps without having to redesign the entire website.
  • Source Analyses – What sources are driving the most conversions and which ones need optimisation or adjustments?
  • Upsell potential – Is there a potential to upsell a service or product using data mining techniques and search trends?

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The above insights on how to increase your sales are part of conversion optimisation. Using techniques like A/B split testing or conversion funnel analyses can show you, in real-time, why some conversions happen and why others don’t.

We provide Consultancy and Audit services for your business. We can help to analyse the conversions, implement the various methods to further optimise these and provide you with the maximum return on investment. If you are interested in the Conversion Optimisation services we have to offer, get in touch with us now!

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