About Seditio

Our Digital Marketing Agency has been helping companies all over Ireland reach their digital potential but don’t take that from us, take a look at some of the feedback from our clients.

The word Seditio comes from the Latin sēditiō which means mutiny or rebellion. This name is fitting because we aim to rebel against the norm in Digital Marketing in Ireland. We provide an open and straightforward approach to Digital Consultancy and share our knowledge with our customers in the form of highly engaging and practical workshops and digital marketing training sessions.

We want our clients to benefit from our demystifying approach to digital marketing, so that they can control the direction of their own marketing approach without having to depend on guidance from agencies or advertising companies. This methodology might not make any economic sense from a traditional agency standpoint, but that is why we are different. That is why, we are Seditio!!

We want to be the Digital Marketing Agency that creates the rules and best practices for Digital Marketing, as these rules are yet to be made in Ireland. The technology used for Digital Marketing allows us to gain traction online. Yet, many businesses and advertising agencies are applying the same old traditional marketing techniques, just on a digital platform. This approach is highly inefficient and costly and we want to tell you why that is and provide you with an alternative solution that works.

Our mantra when it comes to Digital Marketing is “no secrets”, as only through openness and sharing of ideas can you generate innovation. The training courses we provide are aimed at empowering businesses through the acquisition of the relevant knowledge and right skills in Digital Marketing. This learning can then be used to get the most out of your marketing budget and will allow you to ask the right questions when dealing with vendors and other professionals. We want you to understand what is possible in the Digital Marketing space and what is involved in reaching your potential. Never again take “no” for an answer. Everything is possible. It just takes the right knowledge, time and persistence.

Vision and Mission

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The word Seditio comes from the Latin sēditiō which means mutiny or rebellion. We rebel against the norm in digital marketing in Ireland and provide an open and straight-forward approach to digital consultancy.