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Most Hotel websites in Ireland are dependent on the booking engine providers they use for their website. These engines are there to facilitate the booking of the rooms of the hotel and any additional extras. The problem, however, is when the Hotel owner decides to switch booking engines, they usually need a new website, too.

What many Hotels are unaware of is that when you switch booking providers, you lose your website. Technically, of course, there is no reason for your website to be lost but sadly in the hotel industry the “leave us, loose your site” card is played too often.

A similar situation was experienced by the Sandymount Hotel. They switched booking engines and now they needed a new website.

This time, however, they worked with Sedition to create a website that would be under the control of the hotel, and not the booking engine. The new website we worked on still uses a booking engine but the site is developed in a way that when relationships change, the client can easily switch booking providers or even website providers!

With quick decision making by the client, a team of designers and developers on standby, we delivered the site in 6 weeks!

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Antonie developed a new website for Sandymount Hotel as well as working on several smaller projects for us. He was always highly efficient, knowledgeable and personable. He delivered the website to the deadlines outlined and worked tirelessly to make sure we were 100% happy with the final product before the launch date. I would definitely recommend Seditio to anyone seeking digital services.
Susan O'Driscoll Digital Marketing Manager SandyMount Hotel

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