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An open letter to Google

An open letter to Google

Published on January 7, 2019

Dear Google,

Let me start by wishing you a happy 2019, it must be an exciting time for you. With the upcoming introduction of Google Duplex you will be sure to have a great number of profitable years ahead.

Of course, it would come at the cost of many jobs in call centers but c’est la vie, I guess.

However, this is not the reason why I’m writing you, my request is a little bit different.

I have to say, your sales force of AdWords Peddlers, who seem to have been hired to push clients into spending more on their brand keywords while cannibalizing their organic results wasn’t very nice.



As a Google Partner with over 20 active AdWords customers and nearly €2.00.000 spend it would have been nice to inform us about this process. This way, I could assist them not to waste more money on it. But I guess the shareholders needed that new Tesla.

Another thing that is giving me the tickles is your partners certification process. Yes, our company has 8 employees that are all certified for many years now, but don’t you think it’s time to change this certification process? One that suits the Google AdWords customers instead of the agencies and yourself?

The only “improvement” you made is adding in a new “Sales Certification” that provides some creepy multiple-choice questions on how to convince customers to increase the AdWords budget and spend.


This exam will go great towards the free pixel phones and fuss-ball tables you give away to agency partners that increase their customers spend on Display, Mobile and many other often bad advertising strategies, but what about the businesses and customers that are actually forking out the money for AdWords?

Would it not be nice to have certifications around reducing the monthly budgets while customers retain their amount of sales? Not only that it can also be part of the criteria for your Game On events?

“You have saved your customer €5000 in unnecessary AdWords spend while increasing their Sales?”



Yes, I hear your concerns, it’s the overspend and the badly configured campaigns that are generating such a significant amount of revenue that improving this process would reduce the profits.

But as a counter argument, could you not offset this “loss” based on the profits you made by using the Bermuda Taxes haven?

Remember your original slogan, “Don’t be evil?”

How about “Don’t be evil, be helpful”


Antonie Geerts

M.D Seditio Ltd. & Seditio Asia.