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A company update

Seditio Asia

As we are approaching one year since our second office, Seditio Asia, opened and as we are nearing completion of our Analytics-AI solution I thought it would be a good time for a company update.

Since founding Seditio in 2014, we have made some great progress in achieving our company mantra of transparency, innovation, and value creation for our customers.

We have grown the company from just two people to a team of 10 full time members. We expanded our services to include SaaS product development, Cloud Hosting Services, Machine Learning on top of our Digital Marketing and Web Development expertise.

About Analytics AI

Our Analytics-AI platform is nearing its Alpha stage. With this software, marketeers, business owners and agencies can generate a detailed analysis of their digital marketing spend and website behavior with actionable and understandable insights to increase their ROI.

Unlike most of the Analytics solutions, which focus merely on visualizing the data, we provide direct ways on how to increase conversion rates and reduce spend automatically.

With the prediction algorithm we built, which uses machine learning and historical datasets, we can predict spend and conversion patterns into the future.

About Seditio Digital

For our European services, we have a strong and growing list of clients who use us for Web Development, Digital Marketing and Conversion Optimization. Our transparent approach and strong track record also allows us to not worry about marketing or going through tenders as 90% of all our new business is coming through referrals.

We have since on-boarded new clients in the Insurance industry, E-Commerce, and Professional Services industry.

About Seditio Asia

Our Asian head office has allowed us to remain very competitive on price for larger projects such as the development of new SaaS solutions for our clients and the development of the Analytics platform and Algorithms.

We are also actively working with cryptocurrency companies to provide consultancy and advice.

So, what’s next?

For this year, we are looking to engage with VC’s on our Analytics-AI solution to fast track its development into the production stage and further expanding our team to take on enterprise level support and development services worldwide.  We are also looking to organize more events around digital marketing, analytics, cryptocurrencies, and startups.

Lastly, I want to thank the Seditio Team, our clients and friends for supporting us throughout these years and I am looking forward to the many years to come.