We Create your Next Platform.
Our passion is SaaS Cloud and Development and Digital Marketing

The Story

The word Seditio comes from the Latin sēditiō which means mutiny or rebellion. This name is fitting because we aim to rebel against the norm in Digital Marketing in Ireland. We provide an open and straightforward approach to Digital Consultancy and share our knowledge with our customers in the form of highly engaging and practical workshops and training sessions.

Our clients benefit from our demystifying approach to digital marketing so that they can control the direction of their own marketing approach without having to depend on guidance from agencies or advertising companies. This methodology might not make any economic sense from a traditional agency standpoint, but that is why we are different. That is why we are Seditio.

Goals & Objectives

To be an established Development, Digital Marketing, and Training company with operations in the Asia Pacific region.

We provide advice and tailored online solutions around Digital Marketing and Web Development to businesses around Ireland and abroad. We have provided support to globally traded businesses, growing companies, and government bodies. Our approach is 100% transparent and we always provide our clients with a measurable return on their investment through our various services.